Servicing and Repair

Your bike needs to be safe

If its not running quite as efficiently as it used to or it ‘doesn’t feel quite right’, or you would simply like us to give it a health check..

Maybe you have just bought it unassembled in a box  and feel its not safe .If its not built by a shop theres no warranty

Dont worry We have a highly-experienced team of mechanics ,that will take care of you and your bike. Jay and Bernard have over  50 years experience between them so there is not much they havent seen or fixed.

Competitive Prices

We offer servicing at competitive rates .We have a large stock of parts so can usually turn the bike around fast.Same day or next day if possible.If we have to order parts it might take a few days extra

We will also offer to replace your inner tube / puncture service within 30 mins if possible .

Please give us a ring on 0131 657 5832 for more information.

Bicycle collection service:

If your bike is not rideable – we can collect if from you (usually after shop hours) and can either drop it back off or you could ride it back! cost to pick up /drop off is from £5 return  depending where you live. Please phone us to book collection.


Price List

Price (£) Time  
Safety check 15.00 30min  
Minimum charge 5.00 7mins  
Hourly charge 45.00 60mins  
Build from flatpack junior single speed 30.00 45min  
Build from flatpack adult /geared 40.00 60min  
Wheel rebuild |(spokes extra cost) 25.00 60min  
Wheel true up + tension(min charge) 9.00 20min  
Dismantle + replace bb cartridge 15.00 20min  
Dismantle + replace bb 20.00 30min  
Dismantle + replace headset 15.00 30min  
Brake service each – 7.50 15min  
Hydraulic Brake sevice (fluid extra cost) – 12.50 15min  
Gear sevice each  – 7.50 15min  
Replace tyre/tube on bike (parts extra) 5 .00 15min  
Replace tyre/tube on bike internal gears (parts extra) 9 .00 15min  
Fit tyre / tube to wheel (parts extra) 2.50 10min  
Inflate tyre/tube 1.00  
Fit fork 15.00 30min  
Replace pedals 6.00 10min  
Gold Service –see below 45.00    90min
Full rebuild of bike –see below 90.00 180min  
Suspension service (please phone for price)      
Price is for labour only  including vat but parts are extra        
Safety check-£15      
  • Check bars/stem saddle  are secure
  • Tighten cranks and wheel nuts
  • Inflate tyres
  • List faults if obvious

Gold Service/MoT – £45.00 Recommended annually this is our most popular service

  • Front and rear Brake service
  • Front and rear Gear service
  • Check tyres and inflate tubes
  • Check pedals are tight
  • Check cranks and b/b are tight
  • Check wheel nuts/skewers are tight
  • Adjust cones front and rear, dismantle if necessary(extra charge)
  • Check wheels are true and adjust as necessary
  • Check rims for wear
  • Check headset is adjusted properly
  • Check and report on wear on all transmission equipment , chain block/cassette/chainset
  • Ensure  handlebars and stem are below safety limits
  • Correctly adjust handlebar controls
  • Remove seat post, clean, grease and refit
  • Set saddle level and in alignment
  • Check all nuts and bolts are tight and correctly fitted
  • Road test cycle
  • parts required / fitted are an extra charge but extra labour will be included within the £40


Platinum Service – £90.00 


  • As above
  • plus full strip down clean degrease all  components and bearings and replace grease
  • replace all gear and brake inner and outers
  • parts required / fitted are an extra charge but extra labour will be included within the £90
  • strip down of forks is not included but can be carried out at additional cost.